Why I Love Bogota Interview in National Geographic


National Geographic interviewed me about why I love Bogota. Of course, I could write about my love for this city indefinitely, but the interview hit just the top point.  Some of the questions they asked me were:

  • What I do with friends and family that visit Bogota
  • The best time to visit
  • The best place to go for views of the city
  • Where to eat
  • Where to buy souvenirs and crafts
  • The best museums to visit
  • Where to go for a fancy night out
  • What to see outside the city
  • Where to take in some live music
  • What parks to visit
  • Why Bogota is like an ajiaco
  • What can only happen in Bogota
  • What to do with kids

Check out the article to find all this out!


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