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What’s in our Cup: Urbania Cafe

Warning: If you’re not in Medellin, Colombia, or going soon, you may not want to read this post because it can create severe irritation at not having immediate access to this coffee.

What’s the best thing about working in the world of coffee? Drinking it. Of course.

And when you work with coffee, wherever you travel you feel impelled to search out the best coffee shops and down a few cups of joe. Alejandra, our marvelous tour guide for the Flavors of Bogota Coffee Shop Tours, recently did her own investigative research in Medellin, searching out the best coffee shops. As you can see from her satisfied smile in the picture below, she got a good find. The best part is that she brought us back samples from her investigation – a mighty tasty job, indeed.

Cafe in Medellin Colombia

So, what did she bring us? A very exciting natural (or dry) processed coffee from Antioquia that she discovered in Urbania Cafe. Why would that be exciting? Because dry processed coffees – where the whole coffee cherry gets dried with the bean still inside it, infusing the bean with fruity flavors – is rare in Colombia. And also because this coffee is, in the very appropriate words of Alejandra, “Just amazing.”

Want the details? Here they are (but don’t blame us if you experience the following side effects: coffee withdrawal symptoms, a desperate longing for specialty coffee, or an urgent need to get on a plane to go to Medellin).

urbania colombian coffee

Coffee: Támesis

Region: Antioquia

Coffee farmer: Jorge Mario Correa

Variety: Tabi, Caturra, Castillo

Process: Natural (dry)

Method: French Press (made at home)

Grind: Way too fine for a French press – but we liked the result anyway 🙂

Flavor notes: With a silky feel in the mouth, the sharp tang of citrus and berry mixes with a slight hint of caramel and chocolate. This is one of my favorite coffees from Colombia.

So, what’s in your cup today? Let us know what you’re drinking!

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Urbania Cafe

Calle 8 #43B-132, Medellin

4 thoughts on “What’s in our Cup: Urbania Cafe”

  1. I had the privilege of tasting this delicious coffee as well and I wholeheartedly agree! It has such a unique flavor that is so enjoyable to drink. Cafe Urbania is a really cute and chill spot; a definite gem in Medellin. Can’t wait until your coffee tours come here!

    1. Good to hear there’s another lover of this fabulous coffee. And the fantastic environment there makes the coffee taste that much better!

      We do plan on expanding our coffee shop tours to Medellin, so stay tuned…

  2. We went on the coffee shop tour yesterday. Alejandra told us about Urbania Cafe because we were headed for Medillin the following day. We are staying in Poblado, and discovered that the Cafe was within a few blocks of us. Sooooooo, of course, it’s the first place we visited.
    We enjoyed splendid coffee as we stayed out of the pouring rain.

    1. Michael, that’s wonderful! We’re glad you enjoyed Urbania. Medellin has an absolutely booming coffee shop scene. Don’t miss Pergamino while you’re there. And thanks for joining us for the tour.

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