Colombian fuits at Paloquemao Market Bogota

Off to the Market: Paloquemao Food Market

Paloquemao is one of the largest food markets in Bogota. They sell both wholesale and retail, and you can buy meats, fish, veggies, fruit, flowers, beans, quinoa, seeds, coffee…and anything else you can think of (and many things you’d never imagined).

A good place to start the morning is at one of the bakeries. The intoxicating smell of fresh Colombian breads led me here – almojabanas, buñuelos, pan de bono. Of course, accompany it all with a tinto (the traditional way to drink coffee in Colombia, black).

You can also try a truly Colombian breakfast – caldo or calentao. 

The flower selection at this market is unbelievable. Come early and browse through the flowers that farmers bring in every morning; there’s a huge selection and cheap prices.

Paloquemao is the place to get all your vegetables. You can even pick up fresh sugar cane to sweeten your coffee or for baking. You can get fresh ground corn as well as banana leaves, which are great for wrapping tamales.

Eggs are available in large quantities, whether from quails or chickens. Apparently, some retailers believe no refrigeration is necessary in cool Bogota.

Peppers come in bright colors and varied sizes.

Peppers in Paloquemao Market, Bogota

And root vegetables take on odd shapes (these are cubios).


And after all that exertion, fuel up with the excellent lechon on the loading dock beyond the fish section.

Lechon Paloquemoa Market Bogota

Calle 19 #25-02, Bogota


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