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The New Face of Flavors of Bogota

Over the past two years Flavors of Bogota has grown at a rapid pace, and it was finally time to make the move to a self-hosted site. Now that we finished that process, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your patience.

You might have noticed huge changes in the web design over the last week. Also, if you’ve tried to click through on the old links and nothing has happened, you’re experiencing the unfortunate consequences of changing to a self-hosted site – it means the old article links won’t get you anywhere. (You can always use the search box on Flavors of Bogota to get access to the article or subject you’re looking for).

But it’s a good thing!

These changes will bring many positive features to Flavors of Bogota. You’ll be seeing:

  • More articles about Colombian coffee – why it’s different, how to get the best out of your Colombian coffee experience, and why coffee means so much to Colombians.
  • Coffee Shop Tour – Flavors of Bogota is now offering a Coffee Shop Tour in Bogota. Find out about coffee growing regions, the history of coffee in Colombia, how coffee has changed the lives of many people…and taste gorgeous specialty coffees.

Amor Perfecto Bogota

  • Self-guided food and restaurant tours will be released throughout the year.  They’ll be free to download, so stay tuned!
  • We’ll be getting up close and personal with Colombian ingredients you can use in your own kitchen, wherever you live around the world.
  • Flavors of Bogota will also examine the benefits and trials of living abroad.
  • And we’ll continue to bring you food events, restaurant overviews and chef interviews.

Thanks for following Flavors of Bogota!


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