The Biggest Small Brewery in Bogota Tour

BBC, or Bogota Beer Company, is one of the artisan beers made in Bogota, and one of my personal favorites. So when I was invited to check out the biggest small brewery in Bogota, I couldn’t resist.

Here are some of the highlights.

Very small brewery

As you can see, it really is a small brewery.

Words to live by

With some important philosophy on the walls…

Perfect diet

I agree with Sofocles here; the perfect diet is composed of bread, vegetables…and beer.

Birds eye view

A bird’s eye view of the bottling area.

Small brewery

A bit squished, but producing lots of good beer for the city.

Our patient guide

Our kind guide explained the brewing process,

Raw materials

Beginning with the raw materials…

Brewery lab

Studied and examined in the brewery’s laboratory.

Laboratory fridge

Here’s the secret fridge where they keep the samples…

A peek inside

But a peek in reveals little of interest except to a scientist.

Ready to be filled

Here are the bottles ready to be filled.

Algunos favoritos

And labeled.

Ready for market

All packed and ready to be shipped off.

And as a good finish to a brewery tour, we enjoyed a freshly bottled Honey Ale, winner of international awards.

At room temperature, of course, since the true taste of beer comes through only at room temperature.


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