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Oyster Tasting in Bogota: Exxus Oyster Bar

I spend most of my time conducting coffee tastings, researching coffees, or thinking about tasting coffee. I relate everything I smell or eat back to coffee in some way.

When I smell or taste something new, memory connects to my past experiences and creates a deeper understanding of what I’m tasting. That time I tried lulo in a crowded South American market filled with the heady smells of ripe fruit, when I tasted mora in a tiny town high in the Venezuelan mountains, the memories of maple syrup on my pancakes as a child and my mom’s cinnamon buns in the oven…all those contribute to the memories I can draw on when tasting coffee.

However, I never thought that I could apply a similar process to oysters.

(Of course, I’m not saying that oysters can taste like my mom’s cinnamon buns.)

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