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The Hidden Secrets of a Food Market in Colombia

The taxi driver had warned us.

But we didn’t listen. I mean, who really follows the advice of a Colombian taxi driver?

On the way there we passed by a swamp where pelicans floated and white herons circled overhead. Cars, motorcycles, and buses lurched down the road alongside our taxi, clouds of exhaust swirling around in the dense heat.

Vendors on the sidewalk yelled out at the top of their lungs, deafening shouts that let us know there was yucca for sale. Avocados were placed in huge piles on the next table. Fresh-eyed fish laid out in rows on wood planks let us know we were close.

The taxi stopped. “We’re here,” the driver muttered gloomily.

My heart was beating hard.

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Dining in Style in Cartagena

Cartagena, a tropical seaside city, is all about sun, relaxation, and sand beneath your feet. But Cartagena has so much more than that, with a growing – perhaps more appropriately called exploding – restaurant and food scene. New restaurants are constantly opening their doors, and the attention of the world is focused on this city for food lovers.

When you want to add a touch of luxury to your vacation – perhaps celebrate a special event or spend a romantic evening – there are plenty of top notch restaurants that serve both Colombian and international cuisine. Cartagena’s chefs and restaurant owners make good use of the gorgeous boutique hotels set in fabulously restored mansions that dot the historical city.  Here, the dining experience goes beyond the food and immerses you in a cultural and historic journey.

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5 Things I Learned in Cartagena

Cartagena street scene

The sounds, sights and special moments of each place we visit immerse us in learning experiences. On the coast of Colombia, the enchanting city of Cartagena teaches its lessons, too. The hippest hot spot to get some Cuban retro, where to search for the most pristine beaches and even how to get the best out of a sunset are all lessons that Cartagena leaves with visitors.

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Drinking in…Cartagena

Cartagena at night KP Attman

Cartagena, a Caribbean city on the Colombian coast, was declared a UNESCO site due to its fascinating history and enthralls visitors with flower covered balconies, quaint museums and a thriving dining scene.

Evenings in Cartagena are a special time. Night falls and the lights twinkle on throughout the cobblestone streets, illuminating the centuries-old churches, plazas and homes, and horse and carriages become the preferred means of travel.

This is the moment to feel that Cartagena enchantment, whether it be at a secluded poolside bar to enjoy a signature cocktail or at a club to absorb some amazing Colombian energy.

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