Beyond Tacos and Burritos in Bogota

Trying to find fast Mexican food in Bogota often limits you to tacos and burritos. What about when you want something different that’s not going to break the bank?

¡Chidas! Quesadillas brings you that something different. As the name suggests, this place limits the menu to quesadillas (think – tortillas and cheese). But these come with a bunch of other flavor combinations.

The creator of this fast food spot, Juan Pablo Parra, sees the value of doing just one thing well. Not that he can’t do many things well; he worked in restaurants in Colombia and the United States, then set off to Spain to study the culinary arts. He worked in restaurants around the country and then branched out around Europe, working in high-end restaurants and learning along the way. When he came back to Colombia it was to head up the kitchen at Emilia Romagna, and then he returned to Harry Sasson for four years, where he had worked previously.

So he knows how to make more than just quesadillas. But he also knows that doing one thing and excelling at it is a good foundation for a fast food place. So he chose Mexican food, Oaxaca cheese, and chiles like ancho and pasilla. When Flavors of Bogota was invited to check out the menu, we couldn’t refuse. Here’s what we found.

Chidas Mexican food inside the restaurant


The menu

So what exactly is a Chida (beyond the fact that it’s a Mexican term similar to Colombia’s chévere)? At this restaurant, a chida is a quesadilla with Oaxaca cheese (which oozes out a bit during cooking and seals the tortilla with a crispy border), salsa, and a choice of six different fillings.

Mexican Chida with crispy cheese


A Chida can be filled with:

  • Smoked (ahumado) – bondiola and chili (this was our favorite)
  • Chipotle – chicken marinated in smoked chili
  • Criolla – with sobrebarriga. This one is not, obviously, 100% Mexican but it was good.
  • Asada – beef marinated in chili
  • Gringa – bacon and corn
  • Vegetable – grilled veggies (zucchini, tomato, mushroom, corn, onion)

A Lorenza is the same deal but the tortilla gets crispy fried.  It comes in four flavors – Chipotle, Smoked, Criolla and Asada (sorry, no Lorenzas for vegetarians).

Soups: Tortilla, bean, pozole or a vegetarian corn soup.

Salads: grilled veggie or marinated chicken.

Dessert: There are even sweet chidas filled with guayaba sauce or Nutella and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar powder.

Chidas! Quesadillas is healthy and fast. They stick to a short menu that they’re doing right. The flavor combinations are well thought out and executed. And it’s a good value for the money – the combo is filling, or you can get the salad or soup if you’re looking for something lighter that still packs in the flavor.

How much

Chida COP$13,500

Lorenza COP$6,500

Soup COP$6,500

The combo costs COP$17,500 and gets you one Chida or Lorenza, a drink (agua fresca or soda) and a side, which could be a smaller version of their soup, salad or snacks (fried potatoes or nacho chips).


Calle 90 # 17 – 45, local 2, Bogota

Calle 93A # 13ª – 28, Bogota

Find out more on the Chidas Facebook page

Or drool over some of their pictures on Instagram.

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