Radio Roaming interviews founder of Flavors of Bogota

Monserrate Bogota Colombia

Steve Collins, a travel writer and broadcaster from Australia, has the interesting job of interviewing people from around the world that are involved in the art and business of travel.

Steve recently interviewed me for Radio Roaming to discover why Bogota is such a great destination for travelers. We discussed a little bit of everything about Bogota, from food to bicycles to pre-Columbian art.

Here are some of the topics we covered:


Train trip from Bogota to Zipaquirá
Train trip from Bogota to Zipaquirá

Do you need to know Spanish to have a good time in Bogota?

Are Colombians helpful to tourists visiting the country?

Is there a need to acclimatize to the high altitude in Bogota?

What the future holds for tourism in Colombia.

I also shared some tips on how to survive Bogota traffic.

Art and culture

Gold mask in Gold Museum, Bogota
Gold mask in Gold Museum, Bogota

How to get a taste of pre-Columbian art and history in Bogota.

How to take advantage of Bogota’s ciclovia (bike routes that stretch throughout the city).



Arepa de huevo
Arepa de huevo

What are the most outstanding foods to taste in Bogota?

What areas of Bogota are the best for finding exceptional restaurants?

Can you eat the street food and survive?


Listen to the interview on Radio Roaming to get every last detail.


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