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The Bogota Post, an English-language newspaper in Colombia, recommends the tour as one of the top activities in Bogota.

How to Bogota stated, “This tour has something for everyone, even if you’re not a coffee fanatic.”

The Argentinian newspaper Clarín gives this fantastic review of the coffee shop tour (in Spanish).

No Longer Native wrote, “This is a perfect outing for visitors and residents alike.” See the full review here.

Bogotastic calls the Flavors of Bogota Coffee Shop Tour “The coolest coffee tour in Bogota.”

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“It was such a pleasure to take the Flavors of Bogotá Coffee Tour last week! Over the course of the morning we visited three craft coffee houses, where we sampled a different variety of bean and preparation. As we sipped, our guide, Karen, walked us through the different aspects of evaluating and tasting each one. I live in Bogotá and have sampled my fair share of coffee, but it was amazing to learn about the history and complex culture of coffee in Colombia, as well as the unique factors that make Colombia’s coffee some of the best in the world. Not only that, but as you make your way to the different coffee shops, you’ll get a quick run down of the Bogotá restaurant scene and best places to eat. This tour is a must for locals and visitors alike!” – Danielle Owens, USA

Tasting coffee in Bogota during tour

“Karen knows and loves her coffee like she knows and loves Bogota.” – Cristie Rutledge, USA

Taking notes during coffee tour in Bogota

“We roamed the best streets and sipped coffee with no sugar, milk or anything added in the quaintest bars of the city, all within walking distance. Although it was a new flavor for my taste buds, I learned that coffee can be much more than your standard cappuccino. We tried coffee from various regions of Colombia and were asked to guess the different aromas and flavors. I never knew coffee could taste so different!” – Jade Longelin, France


Want to see what the tour is like? Accompany us in this short documentary.

Don’t miss this video from Bogotastic:

Or this one from Beekeeper Stories.

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