Potatoes, Peppers and Corn at a Colombian market

Corn, peppers and potatoes are staples of many Latin American diets, and Colombia is no exception. During a recent visit to the Palo Quemado market in Bogota, I found some interesting variations of basic ingredients I thought I knew plenty about.

This corn is missing a few teeth….

Colombian corn pp

But husked and cleaned…

Corn husking pp

and then ground….

Corn work pp

I added eggs, milk and a touch of salt and raw sugar and made some nice corn pancakes.

Purple corn pp

And corn comes in this festive purpule hue also, good for making chicha.

This man makes a living selling husked corn for 2,800 pesos/kilo….

Corn seller pp

While this one dedicates his time to potatoes…

Potato seller pp

Potatoes that come in odd colors and sizes, like these blackish/purple ones…

More purple potatoes pp

And these little bright purple beauties….

Purple potatoes pp

Peppers are also abundant in this market:

Pepper baskets pp

Available in a rainbow of colors.

Peppers pp

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