Published Work

Karen Attman is a writer, editor, and translator.


Her work has appeared in:

  • Casa Viva Cocina
  • CNN
  • Esquire
  • Société Perrier
  • La Barra
  • Sprudge
  • This Big City
  • The Culture Trip
  • Viator, Four
  • Lure Media
  • Foodie Hub
  • National Geographic
  • IDG Connect
  • The City Paper
  • Destino Cartagena
  • Destinations of the World
  • Maestro
  • International Living
  • Fund Your Life Oversees
  • The Bogota Post
  • and other publications

Karen has been a foreign correspondent for several publications. She contributed to the anthology Was Gabo an Irishman? and to FoodieHub’s Essential Guide to Latin America’s Best Restaurants.

She’s written about her travel and food adventures in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, Canada, the United States, and Trinidad and Tobago.


Karen edits books and articles in Spanish and English. Some of her editing projects have included the Living in Bogota Expat Guide, Semana’s Business Intelligence, and The Bogota Post.


She also translates books, magazines, and newspapers from Spanish to English. She has translated works on a variety of subjects, from the internal conflict in Colombia to travel around Latin America.

If you’d like work with Karen on any writing, editing, or translation project, please get in touch with her at info (at)


Permission to Slurp: The Insider's Guide to Coffee Culture in Colombia

Links to some of Karen Attman’s published articles

In English

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Finn on Pepe and Pasta – The City Paper

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How to Spend One Day in Bogota – Viator

Eight Restaurants to Visit in 2014 – The City Paper

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The 4 Hottest (and Coolest) Rooftop Lounges in Cartagena – Société Perrier

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The Tandoor Taj – The City Paper

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Cartagena for Cruise Visitors – Viator

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Little Italy in Bogota – The City Paper

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Getting a Piece of Cartagena – The City Paper

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Colombian Cultural Heritage – The City Paper

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Sweet Success – The City Paper

A Taste of the U.S.A. – The City Paper

 Carbs on Every Curb– The City Paper

Drinking in…Santo Domingo – Société Perrier

And some in Spanish….

Misión Vasca – Casa Viva Cocina

Business Class – Esquire –  interview with Air France-KLM general manager

Vivir a lo Italiano en Manhattan – Casa Viva Cocina

Tentaciones Catalanas – Casa Viva Cocina

Carnes Diferentes, Hamburgesas en Ascenso – Revista La Barra

En Voz Baja – Casa Viva Cocina

Historias destrás de las botellas – Casa Viva Cocina

And you can see a little more about me on the Viator author page.

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