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  1. Hello Karen, thanks for the great posts. I am moving to Bogota from Sydney soon – I wonder from which websites I might start looking for furnished apartments, ideally in downtown somewhere? Any tips would be appreciated. Cheers!

    1. Julia, that’s great to hear you’ll be moving to Bogota! When you say downtown, do you mean La Candelaria or La Macarena? And would websites in Spanish be useful to you?

      1. Thanks for your reply. I think I mean La Macarena- the intention is to be able to cycle or walk to work, which is on Calle 22. Would you recommend La Macarena (in terms of safety also)? It sounds pretty cool reading from NYT. Google translates Spanish websites for me automatically so any websites would be useful. Thank you so much!

        1. La Macarena is one of the best places to live downtown, in my opinion. The heart of La Macarena is a strip of restaurants and a few cafés, and all around it there are apartment buildings that go from an advanced state of decay to new, modern places. You have to be careful, but there are great options to stay there.

          As far as safety goes, that’s a really personal thing. I know lots of foreigners that live in La Macarena and are very happy. Personally, I need a safer environment (esp. at night) so I live pretty far north.

          Renting apartments in Bogota can be tricky because most real estate agents are going to make you sign a contract and you’ll need co-signers. You’d do well to go through a website catering to foreigners, which is easy to find with a quick google search. Another option is to arrive, stay at a place temporarily and check out apartments personally. Remember that most prices are negotiable in Colombia.

          If you’d like more info, write to me at and we can chat about details.

          A couple of websites to check out:

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