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Top 11 Colombian Foods to Try When you Visit Bogota

So what should be on your hot list of Colombian foods to try when you visit Bogota? Here are some of our favorites.

Essential Eats in Bogota

There are some essential eats that can’t be missed when visiting Bogota, including some traditional foods and drinks that have been eaten here for centuries.

Street food tour Mango biche in Bogota

9 Places in Bogota Food Lovers Should Visit

Food tells us so much about a country – the values, the mindset, and the history. In Bogota food lovers have a feast not only for their palate but also for their thirst to understand the culture throughout the whole country. Here are nine places to get into the Colombian frame of mind – for eating.

Getting an education on a street food tour

Arepas, empanadas, Colombian fruits, and more!

Street Food in Bogota

Something that amazes me when I walk around Bogota is street food. Now, I don’t mean just any street food, but food that shows the ingenuity and creativity of Colombian people. Here, foods that perhaps should only be made in a restaurant are taken to the street, made right in front of the client, taste good, and as a bonus, are really cheap.

Buñuelos Bogota Colombian foods
Buñuelos in Bogota

Buñuelos in Colombia

Buñuelos are one of my favorite Colombian foods, and I’ve tried them all over Bogota. A Colombian buñuelo is made of cassava flour, grated costeño cheese, and milk, and is then shaped into balls and fried.

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