Eclair at Grazia restaurant Bogota

Love, Food and Dreams in Bogota

If you were to set out on the hunt for some of the best éclairs in the world, where would you go? Would you be surprised to hear that one of your best options is in Colombia?

Food and Wine magazine thought so when they added Grazia to their list of top places to get an éclair in the world.

Eclair at Grazia restaurant Bogota

For those that know Grazia well, it’s not a surprise. French owner Raphaël Haasz grew up with baking, and when he was a teenager he followed his grandfather’s footsteps and began to study the art. Later he went on to work with the famous Daniel Boulud in New York.

There in the kitchen he met Claudia Oyuela, from Colombia, and after love blossomed they decided to take their culinary dedication one step further – they decided to open their own restaurant. Where did they consider the best place to open up a new restaurant? They chose Bogota, where they purchased a property in a posh area called Zona G and launched themselves into the risky business of following their dreams.

Beekeeper Stories, a film company that focuses on documentaries, was entranced by their story and filmed Love, Food and Dreams, a short documentary that tells about the love, dedication, and dreams that have made this young couple and their restaurant a success in Bogota. Watch the video for free on YouTube.

Grazia, Calle  69 #5-04, Bogota


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