Tamarine Restaurant in Bogota

JW Marriott’s new Restaurant in Bogota: Tamarine

In the financial sector in Bogota, the JW Marriott has brought a new restaurant to the city. Tamarine is based on the flavors and textures of Asia, with an emphasis on Thailand.

If the name of the restaurant sounds familiar, it’s from tamarind, an ingredient that’s popular in Asian cooking as well as Latin American cuisine. At this restaurant you’ll see a tendency towards fish and seafood on the menu, although they do have meat options that include beef, duck, and pork (the pork ribs are cooked for 18 hours with panela).

Tamarine takes over the space left by La Mina, and you’ll see remnants of it in the vault shaped ceiling as well as the same sophisticated, hushed feeling.

We sat towards the back at the semi-private Chef’s Table, which is surrounded by wine bottles lining the walls. It allows for a good view of the action going on in the kitchen.

What we ate

Tamarine has a balanced menu with items to share, such as the appetizers, as well as salads, 11 sushi options, and a selection of meats.

Flavors of Bogota was invited to try:

  • Spring roll with eel, shrimp, sprouts, cilantro, and basil in a rice wrapper, so it wasn’t fried. The hot sauce was made with lemongrass, cilantro, and green onion.
  • The pork gyosas, however, were fried.
  • Pollo panco were breaded nuggets that came with two sauces.
  • The Salmon ginger with Hoisin oyster sauce was served over rice pasta.

Salmon at Tamarine, Bogota

  • Pear, mango, cashew salad with a panela, soy, lemongrass and lemon dressing.

Salad at Tamarine, Bogota

Vegetarian tip: they have gyosas, vegetarian spring rolls (mushrooms, chontaduro and sweet and sour sauce) and salads.

We didn’t try the desserts: Crema Quemada de Limonaria is made with berries, cardamom, mint, lemongrass, and a sweet touch of panela. They also have artisan ice cream in the following flavors: lemongrass, Chocolate wasabi, Ginger, Coconut and Green Tea.

What makes the JW Marriott restaurants different from other options in the area? The decoration of Tamarine – from the muted lighting to the waitresses dressed in black outfits with Asian style accents – means you can count on the feel of luxury without spending too much. So if you’re in the area, perhaps staying at a nearby hotel, and don’t want to venture out into the city, try this restaurant.

  • Appetizers: COP$10-12,000
  • Salads: COP$14,500-24,500
  • Sushi: COP$18,800-28,000
  • Entrees: COP$25,500-58,500
  • Cocktails: COP$22,000
  • Juice: COP$9,000

***The above prices are given in COP (read here to find out what COP is).

Calle 73 #8-60, Bogota

Fish platter waiting to leave the kitchen


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