Guide to Tasting Specialty Coffee in Colombia

Your Guide to Tasting Specialty Coffee in Colombia

Grown on mist covered hills by successive generations of hard-working families, coffee from Colombia is considered some of the best in the world.

However, how can you learn to appreciate and evaluate specialty coffee?  Coffee experts often intimidate beginners with complicated questions and impenetrable explanations.

(Of course, they don’t do that on purpose). 

Here at Flavors of Bogota we used to feel intimidated. Listening to the experts was like trying to understand someone speak in a language we’d never heard before. Their lips were moving, but we weren’t understanding the info.

Your guide to tasting specialty coffee in Colombia

The good news is that you don’t have to run screaming out of the coffee shop or flee the farm. We’re here to help you. With us, you can learn to impress the pros and talk coffee on their terms. And you can find that perfect coffee you’ve been looking for.

Seriously. We even wrote the book on it.

Yes, we wrote a book about tasting specialty coffee in Colombia. Why would we write a book? Well, when we looked at the books that were already out there, we realized there were a lot thick, heavy tomes that delve into the origins of coffee and how to brew it using big, expensive machines.

However, there weren’t many light-hearted, inexpensive books that give you the basics in a couple of hours. That’s why we wrote Permission to Slurp.

What’s the book about?

As you can tell from the title, it’s a relaxed look at specialty coffee. We go through the basics of coffee growing (enough so you get the idea but not so much that you want to put the book down). Then we give you a bunch of tips about how to survive in a specialty coffee shop and how to brew your fabulous coffee at home. And yes, we tell you all about the importance of slurping.

With the information in this 114-page book, you will be ready to impress the pros and talk coffee on their terms. You’ll become an insider, cracking the secret code of the specialty coffee scene. This book will become your guide to tasting specialty coffee in Colombia.

Permission to Slurp will introduce you to the sweet discovery of a coffee culture you haven’t experienced before. You’ll understand how coffee growers and their families benefit when you purchase specialty coffee, and you’ll realize that you can help change lives and shape futures.

The heart of Colombia is coffee. Be a part of it, and start your journey with Permission to Slurp.

Where can you get Permission to Slurp?

You can buy Permission to Slurp on Amazon in Kindle or paperback format.

You can also order it at a discount when you book one of our Specialty Coffee Shop Tours or experiences. And shortly you’ll see it around Bogota in specialty coffee shops and bookstores.

In Bogota, Permission to Slurp is available in Amor Perfecto specialty coffee shops (Zona G and Usaquén locations).

If you live in Colombia and would like us to send you a print copy of Permission to Slurp, just write to us at The book costs just COP$30,000 plus shipping costs, which are minimal and vary depending on what part of the country you’re in.

Thanks for joining us on our coffee journey.

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