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Food Festivals in Bogota

For all those foodies that are in Bogota in August, you’re going to be happy. This is officially the food month of the year, and there’s plenty going on.

Alimentarte 2014

An annual event you won’t want to miss is the Alimentarte Food Festival, which has been taking place every August for more than a decade now. This year people will be getting their share of Colombian and international dishes during the festival, which will be held over the weekends of August 16-18 and 23-24.

It all takes place in El Virrey Park (around Carrera 15 with Calle 87), from 10 am to 8 pm, and gives food lovers the chance to see all that’s happening in the gourmet world in Bogota in just one place. About 150 restaurants in Colombia and important chefs from around the world will participate in the festival.

For more international tastes, hit the park from the 16-18th. If you want to find out more about the diverse regional foods of Colombia, visit on the 23rd and 24th for Colombia Sí Sabe.

Restaurant Week also takes place this month, from the 15th to the 29th, where 15 international and national chefs will take turns at a different restaurant in the city to show off their talents with special menus.

Alimentarte Food Forum (Foro Gastronomico Alimentarte), from August 19-22, is for the serious folk – businessmen, experts, culinary students and foodies – and presents conferences and workshops at restaurants around the city. One of the subjects covered will be how Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Peru have all become known for their excellent gastronomy and what they did to achieve it (with some hints for Colombia).

Cooking schools get in on the action

Of course, cooking schools will also have their events. The Mariano Moreno Cooking School will have free classes for the public over those two weekends, with a look into Peruvian and Colombian cuisine, and desserts will also get their moment in the limelight.

Get cooking with the Mariano Moreno cooking workshops at Alimentarte
Get cooking with the Mariano Moreno cooking workshops at Alimentarte

Every day from noon to 6 pm a different chef will present their dish.  On Saturday August 16th Daniel Riveros will present “Lomo de cerdo a la mostaza”, which means some pretty tasty pork. And on the 23rd he’ll show us how to make salmon fillets with maracuyá and mandarin orange sauce.

Camila Brando on the 24th will make chocolate buñuelos with orange sauce. Sounds tasty. On the 17th Chef Luis Ernesto Martinez will highlight Colombian dishes with Encocado de Sierra y Cangrejo, which I’m not sure what it is but I will find out.  And on the 16th Jose Luis Avellaneda will surprise everyone with ceviche from Ecuador.

Check out Mariano Moreno’s Facebook page to get the full schedule.

And there’s more

And if that wasn’t enough food for you, there’s still time to catch the Bogota Wine and Food Festival, held from August 27-31. With culinary stars coming from Mexico, Peru, France, the United States, Brazil, and of course, the wonderfully talented chefs from right here in Colombia, you can’t miss the events. Classes and workshops are held at restaurants and hotels around the city, with the important nighttime events livening up places like Club El Nogal, Mansión Francesa and the Hilton.

Visiting chefs

Obviously, there will be a bunch of chefs visiting Bogota this month, such as:

Gastón Acurio from Astrid and Gastón (Peru)

Fernando Trocca , owner of Sucre (Argentina)

Koldo Miranda, owner of a 2012 Madrid Fusion award-winning restaurant  (Spain)

Mitsuharu Tsumura, owner of Maido (Peru)

Daniel Ovadía from the TV program Hombres en la Cocina (Mexico)

Rodolfo Guzmán chef of Boragó (Chile)

Carlos García owner of Alto (Venezuela)

Well, really the list is too long. Check out the Bogota Wine and Food festival website to get the details on the fantastic chefs that are participating in their events.

And let the eating begin!


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