About the Flavors of Bogota Specialty Coffee Experiences

Welcome to the fascinating and delicious world of specialty coffees in Colombia!

Our Specialty Coffee Experiences are an adventure into the flavors, aromas, and heartwarming stories about coffee.

It’s about brave coffee farmers and daring coffee shop owners. It’s about the baristas in the cities who wake up every day longing to go to work, who love sharing special coffee with the people they serve.

It’s about what’s at the heart of coffee in Colombia.

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Amor Perfecto Barista with child

What will you learn during our specialty coffee experiences?

A window into the local culture, our specialty coffee experiences are full of fun stories and interesting facts about coffee traditions in Colombia. Our coffee experts will guide you to understand the true essence of coffee in Colombia while you get an intensive coffee education.

The story of coffee in Colombia is a heartwarming one. Come with us to discover the stories behind Colombian coffee and the stories hiding inside the bags of coffee you take home with you.

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Why is our coffee shop tour listed on Trip Advisor as one of the Top 10 Bogota Food Tours?

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Find out what makes our tours unique

Specialty Coffee Shop Tour

General information

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Size: Maximum group size is 8 people
  • Cost of tour: USD$35 per person to join a public tour. Children under 12 can accompany their parents for free. To find out about our private tours, click here.
  • Take advantage of our group discounts! When you book for 4 or more people, you get 10-25% off! The discount shows up automatically on the booking calendar.
  • Languages: English (Spanish and French tours available upon request)
  • Distance: Less than a mile on foot
  • Our tours must be booked 24 hours in advance. To book a tour with less advance notice, write to us using the above contact form and we’ll get back to you about availability.

When and where

We offer public tours on weekday mornings at 9:30 am near Zona G, or Rosales

We also offer afternoon tours in the Parque de la 93 area at 1:30 p.m on Mondays and Wednesdays.

We occasionally have Saturday tours – check our calendar for availability.

You can also request a tour in La Candelaria or Usaquén.

Interested in a tour for just your group? Take a private tour – simply write to us at tours@flavorsofbogota.com or use the nifty contact form above.

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Colombian Coffee and Culture Experience

This experience is similar to our Specialty Coffee Shop Tour without the walking. In a beautiful, spacious coffee shop we will explain everything you need to know about the history of coffee around the world and in Colombia, its incredible journey from plant to cup, what coffee means to the country, and how to taste the fantastic specialty coffees produced in Colombia.

General information

  • Length: 2 1/2 hours
  • Size: Maximum group size is 25 people
  • Cost of tour: USD$25 per person. For bookings of more than 2 people we offer discounts.
  • Language: English (Spanish and French experiences available upon request)
  • Ask about our large group discounts!

When and where

We offer our Colombian Coffee and Culture Experience on selected days of the month. The tours start at 9:30 am.

The experience takes place in one of Bogota’s restaurant and historic areas, Usaquén.

It’s easy to book the experience! When you visit our booking page, simply scroll down to the Colombian Coffee and Culture Experience, select the date you’d like to join us, and book the experience.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. You can use the nifty contact form below. Or write to us at tours [at] flavorsofbogota.com. Either way, we’ll get right back to you.

Important facts about our Specialty Coffee Experiences

What makes our coffee shop tour unique?

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Why do we serve the coffee without sugar or milk?

What’s the difference between a public tour and a private tour?

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Prepare for your coffee adventure

To prepare for your coffee adventure in Colombia, read Permission to Slurp, our guide to tasting specialty coffee. Available on Amazon, it’s about the price of a cappuccino and takes the complex subject of specialty coffee and makes it easy to understand.

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