What makes this coffee tour unique?

Get much more out of your coffee tour experience with the Flavors of Bogota team. We offer Bogota walking tours with locals and expats who will lead you through a unique coffee shop tour in Bogota.

This is the original coffee shop tour in Bogota. We visit several coffee shops and discuss the history of coffee both around the world and in Colombia. We explain the coffee growing process from plant to cup. We explain what makes Colombian coffee different. We try a variety of specialty coffees from various regions in different brewing methods. And along the way, you’ll learn about the very special neighborhoods we visit.

Who are we?

Our small team of guides are energetic, passionate, fun and knowledgeable. We are part of the community and these are the places we know well; this is where we go to drink our coffee and hang out.

If you aren’t totally fluent in Spanish, our experienced guides – who are totally fluent in English and Spanish – will be able to interpret for you so you can hear these coffee experts express themselves.

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