Lechona at Paloquemao Market, Bogota

Flavor Fridays: Lechona

This photo of lechona forms part of a photo series called Flavor Fridays. Each week, one dish is featured that the Flavors of Bogota team has given their seal of approval.


Lechoneria Doña Rosalba

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Paloquemao is an amazing, maze-like market selling everything – exotic fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and meats. Near the loading dock behind the fish section you’ll find the Lechonería Doña Rosalba. For as little as $2 a serving you can try lechón, a typical dish from the Tolima area of Colombia. It’s a whole pig, about four feet long, that is stuffed with rice and vegetables then sewn up and oven-roasted for eight hours. The result is a crunchy toasted skin on the outside and flavorful meat on the inside.

Near the loading dock at Paloquemao, Bogota

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  1. If you want to taste the original lechona you have to travel to a town in Tolima called Espinal. A quality lechona there has little to no rice! I have yet to find a good lechona here in Bogota, sadly.

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