Flavor Fridays: Arepa domino at Budares

This photo forms part of a photo series called Flavor Fridays. Each week, one dish is featured that the Flavors of Bogota team has given their seal of approval.



Dish name

Arepa dominó


When I lived in Venezuela, one of my favorite foods was arepa dominó. The crunchy corn dough on the outside, the steamy hot black beans and white cheese on the inside was a perfect snack at any time. But they are hard to get – they’re not eaten in all parts of the country. So after some time living in Bogota, I was very happy to find true arepa dominó right here in the city, at Budares. This is the real thing – a true Venezuelan style arepa, with just the right mix of beans and cheese. This is also one of your few chances to taste black beans with Venezuelan flavor.

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Carrera 11 No.73-28, Bogota

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