Expat interview: Sarepa interviews Founder of Flavors of Bogota

When a person considers traveling to another country – or even moving there – one of the keys to success is to see what others have done, what’s worked for them (and what hasn’t). That is, I think, the lure behind interviews: they tell us how to do things.

Recently the enthusiastic creator of the amazing blog Sarepa, Sarah Duncan, interviewed me. Her blog is dedicated to all things Colombian, and she got curious about my life in Bogota.

We talked about all sorts of topics:

Why I decided to move to Colombia.

What fear had to do with my decision to visit – or not – Colombia.

What was the moment when I realized that Bogota was the place I wanted to be.

What led me to dedicate so much of my time to writing about food.

The most memorable dish I’ve eaten in Colombia.

She also asked me:

What’s hard about living in Colombia?

What’s your favorite arepa?

How did you make friends in Colombia?

Any tips for someone wanting to follow their food dreams in South America?


Head over to her blog to get the details of the interview – and discover more about Colombia.


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