Essential Eats in Bogota

Colombian cuisine is often referred to as mestizo, or a mix of Spanish, indigenous, and African influences, with a bit of Arabic thrown in. An important player in the cuisine in Bogota is the humble potato, which here takes on a variety of colors and shapes rarely seen elsewhere. Corn is also an ingredient that pops up again and again, often becoming a backdrop for the many different methods of preparing meat.

Breakfast in Bogota can mean feasting on arepas, soup, tamales or even lechona (oven roasted pork). People break up their morning by snacking on “medias nueves” around 10 am., then eat a hefty corrientazo lunch at noon, and tank up with “onces” in the afternoon. After all that eating activity during the day, dinner can run late, from 8-10 pm.

The city’s restaurants are divided into dining areas that sound like an alphabet soup: Zona C, T, G, or M all stand for different areas of the city where there are an abundance of restaurants, street food, and cafés. Additionally, Usaquén and the Parque de la 93 have more upscale dining.

There are some essential eats that can’t be missed when visiting Bogota, including some traditional foods and drinks that have been eaten here for centuries.

To find out more about those essential eats in Bogota – including the best places to try them – read this article published on Extreme Foodies to find out about these delicious treats:  tamales, lechón , ajiaco santafereño, chicharrón, aromática, carne asada, bandeja paisa.

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