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Taking the Restaurant on the Road – El Cielo Restaurant

I’m packing for a trip. I’m surrounded by the usual disaster scene: suitcases are scattered around my living room, my closets look like they’ve been ransacked, and items on my packing list are getting crossed off. It’s complicated to pack for a trip – and I’m just packing for two.

Now imagine packing for 1,000.

That’s the challenge facing Juan Manuel Barrientos and his team at El Cielo. They’re taking his famous restaurant – with locations in Medellin, Bogota and Miami – on the road for the months of September, October and November.

Taking the El Cielo Restaurant on the road

What’s involved in taking a luxury tasting menu on the road?

Good planning. And lots of it. After more than a year of planning, the team is ready to take this nearly 5,000 km trip. With 1800 plates. And 500 luxury Italian wine glasses. With a 13 member cooking team. And of course, all the implements that have helped Juan Manuel earn his place as one of the top chefs in Latin America.

Imagine that packing list.

Why all the work? The 10 year anniversary of his El Cielo restaurants. And since not everyone can get to one of his restaurants, he’s taking the experience to Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, and Cali. So if you look at a map of Colombia, you’ll see that they’re going way west, way east, and quite a ways north.

The menu

Juan Manuel keeps his menu focused on Colombia and its traditions, and that’s no exception for this tour. He’ll be changing the menu slightly in every area he visits to accommodate some regional ingredients, and the 13-course meal will include:

  • Ropa vieja croquettes
  • Aborrajado
  • Chocolate therapy
  • Gallina ravioli (in Bucaramanga this will be served with hormiga culona)
  • Posta cartagenera
  • Yellow butterflies (don’t worry, you won’t be eating real butterflies)
  • Ceviche with Colombian fruits. The fish will be marinated in typical Colombian fruits rather than lime. These fruits will vary according to the area, so in Barranquilla count on the flavors of green papaya, guanabana and guyaba agria, in Bucaramanga feijoa and curuba, in Cartagena mangostino and in Cali lulo, borojo and chontaduro.
  • Colombian desserts
  • Coffee tree experience

If you’re going to be in any of the cities on the our route, here are the details you need to join in the tasting experience.

El Cielo Tour by Nacimiento


Barranquilla: October 11 and 12

Bucaramanga: October 18 and 19

Cartagena: October 26 and 27

Cali: November 1, 2

Cost for dinner


How to purchase tickets

Only by Whatsapp message – +57 350 532 4747

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