Coffee in Colombia

Drinking Coffee in Colombia

100% Colombian coffee – that expression is known around the world. Coffee has been one of Colombia’s most steady exports for decades.

It is any different to taste a cup of coffee in Colombia?


Coffee cup Flavors of Bogota

In the past, most of the excellent quality coffee was exported, but over the last few years that has been changing.

Now Colombia is taking pride not only in their coffee production, but also their roasting processes.

Now they are keeping the best in the country so that Colombians (and visitors) can taste what the country has to offer. Small coffeehouses in Bogota are dedicated to improving the coffee experience and are serious about sharing why it’s important to know where the coffee came from, how the characteristics on that particular farm affect what you’ll find in your cup of coffee, as well as getting coffee lovers involved in the coffee cupping process.

See it for yourself

I invite you to watch the video Colombian Coffee that takes you into the world of coffee in Bogota, Colombia. We start out in a Juan Valdez coffee shop – the brand that has taken Colombian coffee around the world – and get a look into the coffee growing regions in that stretch from the far north to the south of Colombia.

Then we speak with three baristas, including some former national barista champions, from three different coffee shops and get their comments on award winning coffee varieties, grinds, and coffee brewing methods.

Roasting Coffee at Amor Perfecto, Bogota
Roasting Coffee at Amor Perfecto, Bogota


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