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Want to find out everything there is to know about expat life in Bogota? There is one simple way to do it: listen in on the weekly Colombia Calling interviews. Richard McColl, British journalist, author, and conflict resolution specialist is also the host of Colombia Calling.

Since 2013, this radio program has focused on getting the inside scoop from expats who are living and working in Colombia, uncovering the reality of this complex and ever-changing country.

Plaza de Bolivar Bogota
Plaza de Bolivar Bogota

Episode 105 just hit the air, and it’s a special one because I’m the interviewee! We talk about life in Latin America, my time in jail, little-known Colombian ingredients, top chefs in Bogota, and Colombian cuisine. We also discuss the new Colombian Bloggers Association Listen to it on Overseas Radio (the podcast is free).

If you want to visit, live in, or invest in Colombia (or if you’re just curious about what life in Colombia is all about), check out Colombia Calling, where Richard has talked with an amazing group of expats about a mind-boggling variety of topics that range from understanding the culture, raising expat children, to real estate and war.

Here are just a few of the topics that have been covered on Colombia Calling:

Colombian peace dialogues                                               Episode 100

Security in Colombia                                                            Episode 96

The reality of being an entrepreneur in Colombia           Episodes 95 and 36

Food in Colombia                                                                 Episode 2, 38, 57, 70, 76, 99, and 105

Traveling in Colombia                                                          Episode 64, and 42 is with a Lonely Plant Guide author

English-language newspaper Bogota Post founder        Episode 87

Bogota writers group                                                            Episode 74

Photographing Colombia                                                     Episode 71

Colombia tours                                                                      Episodes 55 and 56 and others…

How to find employment in Colombia                               Episode 39

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