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Cultivating Coffee Awareness in Bogota: Café Cultor

Café Cultor is a little different that other coffee shops. In the first place, their first store in Bogota was opened in a recycled shipping container. Of course, they’re not the first coffee house or restaurant to open in a recycled shipping container (Azahar and Container City are two examples here in Bogota), but it’s still unique enough to get a thrill out of me.

In the second place, their baristas are truly knowledgeable. They’re not pretending. They do know about Colombian specialty coffees. They are part of the slowly growing crowd of coffee shops where you’ll find knowledgeable baristas (check out the ones in caffeinated hiding spots like Amor Perfecto, Bourbon Coffee Roasters, Azahar again, Catación Publica, Arte y Pasión Café, Top 5 Coffee, Varietale, and others) but the baristas at Café Cultor do take their coffee passion seriously.

Cafe Cultor barista preparing Chemex coffee

At Café Cultor you:

  • Learn more about coffee farmers
  • Know their coffee buyers are following fair trade procedures
  • Find out how they work with farmers to help them produce specialty coffees.
  • Learn about their organic, sustainable coffees.

Cafe Cultor helps farmers in high-risk areas and conflict areas to be successful; they also work with indigenous communities that produce coffee. It simply feels good to buy coffee from those areas where people have gone through decades of tragedies (read more about that conflict in this article from Colombia Reports). Supporting them in their business is a small way of helping out.

Some coffees are labeled “exóticos” because they are the product of infrequent harvests or are available in small quantities. They also have native varieties that are not commercially produced in the country but that are interesting to try.

They also happen to have some of the best specialty coffees in Bogota. If you’re just starting out exploring the world of Colombian specialty coffees, those knowledgeable baristas will be able to help you out (a number of them speak English).

Cafe Cultor coffee cupping in Bogota
Cafe Cultor coffee cupping

Where to go

Café Cultor has two locations (the coffee is the same in both places). The container one that I mentioned is next to Impact Hub in Zona G. It’s perfect on a sunny day; they open up the walls of the container and you can sit outside. Or soak up the sun on the roof of the container (they have steps leading up to the top).

Another location, not far away, is at the Wilborada 1047 bookstore. This spot is quite cozy; the coffee shop is tucked into a room of a three story house-made-into-a-bookstore. In the next room over there are arm chairs and a sofa, all surrounded by books books books. You can’t deny the appeal of books and coffees sharing a space.

Cafe Cultor Wilborada

In 2017 they opened up a new location that you have to check out. They call it Casa because it is a house (and believe me you’ll feel at home).

Spacious, bright and airy, Café Cultor Casa has plenty of nooks and crannies to get into with a book or laptop and forget about the outside world. The back garden area has plenty of spots to sit and soak up the fleeting Bogota sun, or you can admire the roaster and cupping rooms. At the bar you can find out about their specialty coffees and brewing methods, or you can order their pastries from an ever-growng selection of tasty delicacies from their kitchen.

Café Cultor Casa

Calle 70a #9-44

Zona G container location

Calle 69 #6-20, Bogota

Wilborada Book Store

Calle 71 # 10 – 47 Interior 4, Bogota

Interested in specialty coffee in Bogota? Join the Flavors of Bogota team for a Coffee Shop Tour and learn all about fabulous Colombian coffee – the history, its importance for Colombians, and how to find the best coffees out there.


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  1. Looks like a place we will have to try on our next trip to Bogotá. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    1. Yes, don’t miss it! And let us know what you think when you try it. The location in the Wilborada bookstore is good for when the weather’s a little dreary – like it’s been these last few days.

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