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Taste Colombia’s Regional Ingredients at LEO

Colombia’s most famous female chef, Leonor Espinosa, brings international attention to Colombia’s regional ingredients like corozo and yacón, snails and fried ants (a Colombian delicacy).

Colombia’s regional ingredients

Her artistic creations in the heart of Bogota’s downtown financial district have put her in the limelight. For instance, last year LEO was at number 33 on the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list. And although some chefs have reached that fame by expanding beyond Colombia’s borders for inspiration, Leonor sticks not just to Colombian food, but to food from little-known regions of the country.

Supporting rural communities

Leo reaches out through her Leo Espinosa Foundation to work with small rural communities around the country. Her mission is to identify and publicize culinary traditions that have often been forgotten or ignored. She brings these rare ingredients and methods to her restaurant, combining a love of discovery with a sense of social well-being.

Even the coffee at LEO will make you feel good. This wild coffee comes from a rural Afro-Colombian community that has been afflicted by violence.

Calle 27B # 6 – 75, Bogota

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