La Barra 2014 Colombian Food Awards

Well, it’s over. The hottest Colombian food awards, the Oscars of the culinary world in Colombia, came and went. The result is a list of winners, and a list of restaurants to try in the coming months.

On April 29th at 7 p.m. the Cafam Theater in Bogota once again filled with the top chefs, restaurant owners, journalists and camera crews to witness these unique awards in the Colombian food industry.

The La Barra Awards recognize outstanding work done in the restaurant, hotel and food industry. The awards team selected, nominated and organized the voting to come up with a list of the best of the best.

The question is, who won? Here’s a partial list of the winners of the 2014 La Barra Awards:

Best Coffee House

Café Oma

Macondo Postres y Café (Cali)

Café Pergamino (Medellín)

Best Wine Selection

Gigi´s Wine Market


La Brasserie

Best Bakery

Les Amis Bizcochería



Best Fast Food Restaurant

Los Sanduches Del Señor Ostia


Sipote Burrito

Best Casual/Fast Food Restaurant

La Xarcuteria

Crepes & Waffles


Best Casual Restaurant

La Despensa De Rafael

La Divina Comedia


Best  Restaurant for Fine Dining

Rafael Criterion Harry Sasson

Best Restaurant Serving Colombian Food


Doña Elvira

Club Colombia

Best Service

Pajares Salinas

La Brasserie

Astrid y Gastón

Restaurant with Best Design and Decor

El Bandido Bistró

La Mina

La Mar

Breakout Restaurant

El Ciervo Y El Oso

Carmen (Cartagena)

Pica Restaurante (Cali)

Best Restaurant – Bar

Gaira Café Cumbia House

Gordo Brooklyn Restaurante Bar

Andrés D.C.

Best Hotel in Colombia

Royal Decameron Barú Cartagena

Casa Medina Bogotá Estelar

Milla de Oro Medellín

Best Restaurant in the Caribbean Area

La Cocina De Pepina (Cartagena)

Erre de Ramón Freixa (Cartagena)

El Santísimo (Cartagena)

Best Restaurant in the Coffee Growing Area

Carmen (Medellín)

Leños Y Parrilla (Pereira)

El Cielo (Medellín)

Breakout Chef

Alejandro Cuellar

Natalia Ramírez

Laura Londoño

Best Chef in Colombia

Carlos Yanguas (Cali)

Luz Beatriz

Vélez Alex Quessep (Baranquilla)

Best Maître D’

John Jairo Hernández

Carlos Aguirre

Enrique  Franco

Best Sommelier

Alejandra Naranjo

Juanita España

John Jairo Hernández

Best Cooking School

Escuela de Gastronomía Mariano Moreno

Gato Dumas

Politécnico Internacional


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