Coffee Perfection at Amor Perfecto

Ready for a coffee education? Welcome to the perfect coffee love created at Amor Perfecto.

You’ll realize this place is about coffee education when you step through the front door. There, in front of you, is a coffee lab, with a roaster, tons of coffee cups and seats lined up for coffee events. Here they do workshops, events, coffee cuppings; they also roast coffee in small batches and test coffee for farms.

It’s a bit of a hike to get there, since it’s up on the hill above Zona G. Remember that it’s based on love, so don’t be surprised by the red couches and café latte hearts. Plenty of light comes in through the large picture window in the front and the sliding glass doors in the back (giving you a good view of the backyard picnic table surrounded by coffee trees). Exposed brick walls and wood floors complete the comfortable vibe.

Coffee lab at Amor Perfecto, Bogota

This is a place to come and spend some time. Learn. Taste. Plug in your computer (they have numerous outlets, which is rare in Latin America) and get some work done. Bring a book and get your reading time in.

The best coffee in Colombia is at times referred to as Café de exportación (Export Quality) but small roasters like Amor Perfecto are on a quest to keep the best coffee here in Colombia, not send it abroad. If Asia and Europe and the United States revel in the love of an excellent specialty coffee, why can’t Colombia, where some of the best coffee worldwide is produced?

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Coffee Tasting

Here it’s all about Colombian regional specialty coffees. You’ll learn about conditions that made the coffee taste as it does: altitude, soil, shade or sun, and the effect other plants have on what you get in your cup. You’ll learn about regions (at Amor Perfecto you’ll find one of the greatest variety of regions to choose from). And you’ll learn about tastes in the cup – the idea is to identify what tastes you like a coffee to have – berry, chocolate, citrus, honey and choose accordingly.

The baristas are there to help you out, but you can also get plenty of information from the coffee bags themselves.

In addition to all those choices, you can also choose the brewing method: French press, AeroPress, V60 Dripper, Chemex, Syphon. When in doubt, go with the dripper method, which works with most coffee profiles.

Carrera 4 #66-46, Bogota


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