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Cultivating Coffee Awareness in Bogota: Café Cultor

Café Cultor is a little different that other coffee shops. In the first place, their first store in Bogota was opened in a recycled shipping container. Of course, they’re not the first coffee house or restaurant to open in a recycled shipping container (Azahar and Container City are two examples here in Bogota), but it’s still unique enough to get a thrill out of me.

Coffee shop in Colombia

Juan Valdez Coffee Shop gets a new Image

Need a place to linger over a cup of coffee? The Juan Valdez coffee shop on Carrera 9, just next to the JW Marriott hotel, sits under leafy trees and has one of the largest outdoor seating areas of any coffee shop in the city.

Coffee Education in Medellin: Pergamino

People had been telling me about a fantastic place for a coffee in Medellin, so it’s not surprising that on my last visit to the city I headed right over to check out the café.

Chai at Pergamino, Medellin pm

What’s in Our Cup: Urbania Cafe

And when you work with coffee, wherever you travel you feel impelled to search out the best coffee shops and down a few cups of joe. Alejandra, our marvelous tour guide for the Flavors of Bogota Coffee Shop Tours, recently did her own investigative research in Medellin, searching out the best coffee shops.

Coffee Perfection at Amor Perfecto

Ready for a coffee education? Welcome to the perfect coffee love created at Amor Perfecto.

You’ll realize this place is about coffee education when you step through the front door. There, in front of you, is a coffee lab, with a roaster, tons of coffee cups and seats lined up for coffee events. Here they do workshops, events, coffee cuppings; they also roast coffee in small batches and test coffee for farms.

Coffee shop in Colombia

Searching For the Perfect Cup Of Coffee: Azahar Cafe

It’s a search that has been going on for years. Back in 2010 Tyler Youngblood and Jayson Galvis were driving through South American on a road trip. They arrived in Colombia, and they fell in love.

But not with a girl.

They fell in love with Colombian coffee.

Colombia’s National Barista Champion For 2015

The Specialty Coffee Expo took place from October 15-18 in Corferias, when 13,000 visitors came to taste coffee from around the country at the most important coffee fair not only in Colombia, but also Latin America and the Caribbean.  This annual fair is organized by the National Coffee Federation of Colombia (Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC).

Specialty Coffee Shop Tours

Join Flavors of Bogota for a coffee shop tour! We visit some of the best shops in the city, where you can meet top baristas and learn to taste and brew specialty coffee like a pro! Find out more here.

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