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Coffee Fair in Bogota: Carulla es Cafe 2016

If you love coffee and are in Bogota this weekend, don’t miss Carulla es cafe, a fair dedicated to Colombian coffee.  The Carulla supermarket chain will host this event at the Unicentro Shopping Mall from August 19-21.

At this sixth edition of the fair in Bogota you can learn about coffee and the best ways to prepare it at home. Experts will hold workshops to explain tendencies in the coffee world and the importance of origins (where the coffee is grown). And most important of all, you can try a lot of coffees – 20 brands will be represented. So you can discover supermarket brands you perhaps haven’t tried before: Amor Perfecto, Buendía, Juan Valdez, Lukafé, Matiz, New Colony, Oma.


Coffee is grown in Colombia from north to south and east to west – from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to Nariño, the mountains of Antioquia to Santander. At this event you can taste coffees grown all around Colombia and find out how the origin affects the taste.


Chocolate and coffee are a natural pairing, so look out for tastings and workshops celebrating chocolate.

Tastings, academic events and cooking shows

One of the special features of the fair is that you can learn how to taste coffee with professionals in the industry. Get to know the flavors, smells and characteristics of Colombian coffee. Throughout the event experts will give talks and lectures. Some of the topics they will cover:

  • sustainable coffees
  • methods of preparation
  • cultivation processes used by the Kogi tribe
  • premium chocolate

Special coffees

Matiz coffee brand teamed up with El Cielo Restaurant to create a gourmet signature coffee: El Cielo by Matiz. The coffee was chosen by one of Colombia’s top chefs, Juan Manuel Barrientos, from the area he hails from. Try it at the event – I like the full body and chocolate notes that make it a pleasant morning coffee.

You can also try one of my favorites from Juan Valdez. This coffee from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is cultivated by indigenous groups, is also full bodied, and has notes of hazelnut and cacao.

Where: Centro Comercial Unicentro

Time: Friday and Saturday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm; Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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