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Flavor Fridays: Buñuelos in Colombia

This photo of buñuelos forms part of a photo series called Flavor Fridays. Each week, one Colombian food is featured that the Flavors of Bogota team has given their seal of approval.


Buñuelos y Pandebonos

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Buñuelos are one of my favorite Colombian foods, and I’ve tried them all over Bogota.

What is a Colombian buñuelo? The dough is made of cassava flour, grated costeño cheese, and milk, and is then shaped into balls and fried.

How can you be sure to get the best buñuelo in Colombia?

First, the buñuelos absolutely must be fresh. Buy them at a place that specializes in them, since they will always have a recently fried batch ready to be eaten.

Also, buñuelos shouldn’t be too dense, although they shouldn’t be full of air, either. They should have a texture somewhere in between, and should be crispy on the outside, soft and hot on the inside.

In our opinion, they seem tastier downtown, in the heart of Bogota, where we feel the connection with the history of the city. We found Buñuelos y Pandebonos, a little place on the walk between the Gold Museum and the National Museum, and was so impressed by their fresh buñuelos that we rarely eat them anywhere else. Try them, and let us know what you think!

Buñuelos y Pandebonos, Carrera 7 # 21-20, Bogota


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