Meat option at W Hotel Bogota brunch

Brunch in Bogota: W Hotel

I’m fascinated by brunch. Growing up in the United States, Sunday morning was brunch morning. We loved to go out as a family to see what delights were hiding at our favorite brunch buffet. Fresh waffles dripping with syrup, eggs made just the way we wanted them, and plentiful meats lured us back again and again.

However, in Colombia the word makes me cringe a bit. Especially the all-you-can-eat buffets, which are often pricey and with stale, tasteless offerings. After numerous disappointments, I’d sworn off most brunches.

The brunch at the W hotel, though, sparked my interest. I love the hip feel to the hotel and the offer seemed irresistible: an all you can eat buffet, complete with a waffle section.

Near Usaquen (just a quick hop over the Cra. 7), the W Hotel hangs out in the Teleport area that it shares with office buildings and other hotels, just down the road from Santa Ana mall.

The Market Kitchen is on the third floor of the W hotel. Just beyond the seductive bar there’s an attractive dining area where white and green fabrics mix with wood and add up to a bright atmosphere even on a less-than-sunny Bogota morning.

Savory items

It’s always good to start Sunday brunch in a spirited way, so I chose the mimosa, made for me by the patient bartender. It’s the best I’ve had in years. We continued the spirited theme with the meats. The roasted turkey was marinated with beer, producing a moist and flavorful bite. The same can be said of the pork, which had whiskey and cinnamon added for deeper flavors. There was also roast beef to round out the meat offerings, and hash browns lurking around as an accompaniment.

The cheese and meat table had Manchego, Pepper jack, queso campesino (a soft white cheese) and cured meats like salami, ham, chorizo. The Colombia table was adorned with arepa de huevo, carimanola, caldo, tamales, and empanadas.

Perhaps what most impressed me was what I expected the least from: the salad and vegetable bar. There was grilled zucchini, hearts of palm, grilled pineapple, brown beans, marinated olives, roasted tomatoes and eggplant, and a tasty couscous salad.

Frankly, I ignored the dozen or so different types of bread; I’d rather see one or two breads of better quality. We also didn’t spend much time with the unimpressive ceviche.

The sweet side

One of the reasons I went to the buffet was to check out the waffle section. However, but when I saw the waffles sitting under a heat lamp, I groaned. They had obviously been there for some time. I mentioned the state of the waffle bar to the staff and they assured me they bring freshly made waffles to all who request them, so I requested one. Piping hot and accompanied by butter and syrup, they were a taste of home so far away.

Waffles at W brunch Bogota

The cakes and pies area had an overwhelming selection, with tasty coconut pie, strawberry and cream cake, almond cake, and various fruit pies. There was also the best Tres Leches cake I’ve had in years. There was a sundae bar with vanilla ice cream with all the toppings, sprinkles, and sauces.

At the cocktail stand we could choose from unlimited mimosas, Bloody Marys, and a gin and cucumber punch.

The ever-present manager, vigilant chef, and efficient and friendly waiters kept the quality going until the brunch closed at 4 pm. Yes, we stayed until the end. But I wasn’t eating that whole time; I was writing. Please believe me.

Where: W Hotel, Avenida Carrera 9 #115-30, Bogota

When: Every Sunday, 12-4pm

How much: $65,000 for adults, $25,000 for kids

Cocktail cart W Hotel Bogota

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