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How to Brew Specialty Coffee that Impresses your Barista

So you’ve taken a tour of specialty coffee shops in Bogota. You were impressed with the skill of the baristas and the excellent brews you tried. Perhaps you bought several bags of Colombian coffee, and you are anxious to impress your friends with your new coffee brewing knowledge.

Now you’re asking yourself: “How can I brew specialty coffee in my kitchen?”

And you’re also probably saying, “Please make this simple for me.”

Here we’ve made it simple. The infographic below gives you the basics about making a good brew at home. Of course, there’s a LOT more we could talk about, and we will in the future. For the moment, here’s a reminder of what you learned on the tour about the best brewing practices.

Barista weighing specialty coffee

How to brew specialty coffee at home

  • Grind your beans fresh.
  • Use fresh, cool water.
  • Remember the ratios: use the correct amount of coffee/water for your brewing method. A basic ratio is 1:16 (that means about 60 grams of coffee per liter of water.)
  • Pay attention to water temperature: it should be just below boiling.

Pour-over brewing method

Are you using a pour-over brewing method? On the tour you saw the baristas preparing coffee in an Aeropress, Chemex, dripper, or other pour-over method and you may be anxious to try it at home. It’s easier than it looks – although every method requires practice to get that perfect brew.

Once you have your brewing method set up, pour a small amount of water over the coffee just to cover it. This moistens the grinds and allows them to “bloom,”  when the coffee/water mixture puffs up and bubbles. This is when the gases that have accumulated inside the beans during roasting are released. After about 30 seconds pour the rest of the water slowly over the coffee, wetting it all in a uniform way, and allow it to brew. This should take a total of 3-5 minutes depending on the brewing method.

So you can remember it fast, we’ve made an infographic for you.

How to brew specialty coffee that would impress your barista

Brew to Impress Flavors of Bogota
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