Bread on a Bus: An Unlikely Bakery in Bogota

I can’t remember the last time I bought bread on a bus. I’m not talking about the vendors who offer food and candies on Bogota’s bus system. This is a different kind of bus. Yes, it’s fire engine red, just like the famous Transmilenio buses zipping through Bogota. But this one is double-decker, announces London stops, and has Lion King and Phantom of the Opera advertising on the back.

And it’s parked. Permanently. (Which is a good thing, since it probably has British plates).

It’s completely out of place in its home, which is a park. It towers over the tiny tables perched around it. Yes, an unlikely bakery in Bogota.

Brot bakery bus in Bogota
Outside of the Bröt bakery bus in Bogota

But it’s got charm. Really, the whole park is charming – it’s a little known spot in Bogota, the Museo del Chicó Park. It’s an ideal spot for a bakery. Near Carrera 9 and Calle 93, the park isn’t as large as others in Bogota, but it certainly has personality. Different levels give a sense of intimacy. Since it’s not so well known, it’s still calm. There are large evergreen trees, a pond with ducks, gardens and swings and seesaws. And it’s quiet. In Bogota, it can be a luxury to hear the birds chirping.

But this is a website about food, so let me get to the delicious part.

The bus is brought to you by Bröt. As I stepped onto the parked bus and lined up in the aisle, I saw that instead of a driver there’s an Amor Perfecto sign and a coffee maker. That’s my kind of bus.

And then I saw the bread…

Yes,  their chocolate bread; you know, the French kind, a soft rich chewy bread with chocolate bits studded generously throughout in an absurdly delicious way. Just lovely (I have to say that, I’m on a British bus).

They also have other breads: almojabana, pan de yuca, croissants. And as I mentioned, they serve Amor Perfecto coffee. Which is enough of a reason to come here. There are also tables outside if you want to soak up some Bogota sun.

I popped in upstairs and found tables to eat at instead of a tour guide babbling on about the jewels of the city passing by. We were stationary, after all.

Brot bakery bus Bogota
Upstairs at the Bröt bakery bus in Bogota

So if you’re in Parque Museo del Chicó or anywhere near it, try some bread on a bus at Bröt. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist; with this subject you have to get some alliterations in).

Bröt at Parque Museo del Chicó

Carrera 7 #93-10, Bogota


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