Bogota Wine and Food Festival talks

Bogota Wine & Food Festival 2016

What the festival is about

Since 2011, the Bogota Wine and Food Festival (BWFF) has been bringing attention to Colombia’s fascinating culinary scene. The festival gathers together chefs from around the world to cook, talk, eat, and most importantly, share their knowledge.

This time it’s all about Colombian ingredients. Sporting the question A Qué Sabe Colombia? (What does Colombia Taste Like), this year’s festival is all about what you’ll taste here in this country of biodiversity.

To convince you, here’s a partial list of what they’ll be talking about: lulo, chontaduro, corozo, achiote, mote de queso, almojábanas, pandebono, cocadas, marañón (cashew), chirimoya, mangostino. You didn’t understand that? Well, most of those delicious items don’t have a translation, so you´ll need to come to Colombia to try them.

It’s also about getting all your senses involved. Founder Iris Quinn states: “The BWFF’s special calendar of events includes culinary experiences that connect all the senses, and that also use art, music, and design.”


April 20-24, 2016


100% of this Bogota food festival proceeds go to social projects. This year, as last year, the funds collected will be used to promote a fishing school in Buenaventura, which will help local fishermen to adequately handle their products, which contributes to improving and maintaining the highest standards for the fishing and food industry in Colombia.


Some of our favorite chefs from Colombia will be there:

As well as chefs from around the world.

What’s going on this year

There are a number of activities this year:

  • La Feria de Parilla
  • Expert Chats
  • Sabor y Yoga Breakfast
  • Gran Degustacion de Colombia

Here’s the schedule


Expert Chat: 10am-4pm  at the Hilton

Price: COP$35,000

Where: Carrera 7 #72 41

This is the brainy part of the festival, where students, business people and foodies can meet and spend time with some of the best chefs in Colombia and the world.

Bogota WF Festival chefs in motion

8 pm at Fragata, Gran Degustación with Leonor Espinosa

Where: Restaurante La Fragata Giratoria Terraza
World Trade Center
Calle 100 #8ª 55 Torre C


Expert Chat: 10am-4pm  at the Hilton

Price: COP$35,000

Address: Carrera 7 #72 41

8pm – La Belle Cuisine

Where:  Club El Nogal


Expert Chat: 10am-4pm  at the Hilton

Price: COP$35,000

Where: Carrera 7 #72 41

8pm –  El Dorado Dinner at the Mansion Francesa (It’s sold out!)


Sabor&Yoga breakfast 9 am

Where: Crepes & Waffles in Zona T. Carrera 12ª # 83 – 40


Club Colombia will hold a Feria de Parrillas (in other words, Grill Time!) from 12 – 4pm

Where: Colegio Nuevo Gimnasio
Calle 81 #11-71

How can you get the tickets?

Go to Tickets go on sale April 1.

Find out more

At the Bogota Wine and Food website.



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