Why is the coffee served without sugar or milk?

Our Specialty Coffee Shop Tour includes a coffee tasting in each coffee house visited. However, here’s a word of warning: In order to detect the flavor nuances and body of these specialty coffees, we serve the coffee black, without sugar or milk.

Why would we do that?

As you’ll see during our coffee shop tour, coffee farmers have worked hard to produce these specialty coffees. They have carefully selected the type of coffee plant they’ll plant on their farm. They have harvested the coffee with best practices, processed it with attention to every detail, and have transported it so that you get the best product possible.

Then, expert coffee roasters have painstakingly considered the best way to roast each batch. Coffee shop owners have ensured that the coffee you drink is fresh. And the barista’s goal is to prepare the best brew for you.

We suggest you don’t cover over all that hard work and mask the flavors inherent in those specialty coffees by adding additional ingredients. So taste the coffee bare and beautiful, just as the coffee farmer and roaster intended. Learn from the baristas about the flavors you can expect, and discover your own.

(However, sugar and sweeteners are available at the coffee shops).

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