Aromatica at La Florida in Bogota

Flavor Fridays: Aromatica Tea at La Florida

This photo of aromatica, a type of fruit tea, forms part of a photo series called Flavor Fridays. Each week, one dish is featured that the Flavors of Bogota team has given their seal of approval.


La Florida

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What you can’t get anywhere else around the city is La Florida’s version of an aromatica, a type of herbal fruit tea. Here it means getting served a long tray with small ramekins filled with maracuyá (passion fruit), agraz (a wild blueberry), strawberry and papayuela (a type of papaya that’s candied), basil and mint. You can mix these fruits and herbs as you want in your tea cup, add hot water, wait for a few minutes, and then taste your own personalized aromatica.

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Carrera 7 # 21-46,  Bogota

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