Restaurants in Colombia: Matiz

Quick Reviews are short peeks at restaurants in Colombia

While Matiz tends to fly under the radar, it’s one of the hidden jewels in Bogota’s dining scene. A refined and understated restaurant set in an ivy-covered restored house near the posh Parque de la 93, Matiz is based on Mediterranean roots. Chefs from around the world have taken their turn at the stove here, and each new chef brings a different air to the restaurant.

Presently, Catalan Arnau Barenys brings with him French and Catalan traditions, so don’t be surprised to see antull, fideuá, and oven roasted octopus on the menu. The succulent Segovia roasted pork (cochinillo) takes the day, though.

Go for the full tasting menu; both reasonably priced and fantastically executed, it manages to create a distinctive harmony among the dishes. Attentive waiters and careful wine service – some of the most respected sommeliers in the country have made their home at Matiz – mark the difference in a city that at times struggles to provide service that satisfies.

Calle 95 No. 11 a – 17, Bogota

This restaurant overview was first published in Destinations of the World Luxury Travel Magazine.

Beyond Tacos and Burritos in Bogota

Trying to find fast Mexican food in Bogota often limits you to tacos and burritos. What about when you want something different that’s not going to break the bank?

¡Chidas! Quesadillas brings you that something different. As the name suggests, this place limits the menu to quesadillas (think – tortillas and cheese). But these come with a bunch of other flavor combinations.

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Restaurants in Colombia: LEO

Quick Reviews are short peeks at restaurants in Colombia

Colombia’s most famous female chef, Leonor Espinosa, brings international attention to regional ingredients like corozo and yacón, snails and fried ants (a Colombian delicacy). Yes, Colombia’s regional cuisines shine at her restaurant, LEO.

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Chefs Celebrate Latin Cuisine in Manhattan

The annual charity banquet for Citymeals on Wheels is going Latin this year. More than 1,000 guests will try the Latin creations of chefs from around the United States and Latin America at ¡Qué Rico! Celebrating Latino Cuisine and Culture.

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It was such a pleasure to take the Flavors of Bogota Coffee Tour last week!

Here’s what people are saying about the Flavors of Bogota Coffee Shop Tour:

It was such a pleasure to take the Flavors of Bogotá Coffee Tour last week! Over the course of the morning we visited three craft coffee houses, where we sampled a different variety of bean and preparation. As we sipped, our guide, Karen, walked us through the different aspects of evaluating and tasting each one. I live in Bogotá and have sampled my fair share of coffee, but it was amazing to learn about the history and complex culture of coffee in Colombia, as well as the unique factors that make Colombia’s coffee some of the best in the world. Not only that, but as you make your way to the different coffee shops, you’ll get a quick run down of the Bogotá restaurant scene and best places to eat. This tour is a must for locals and visitors alike! – Danielle Owens

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