Lighting a Fire under Coffee Culture in Colombia

I met Karen Silva at a Juan Valdez coffee shop. She’s in her twenties. Serious. Shy. In a society that places quite a bit of emphasis on women’s physical appearance, there was no bling about her, no lipstick or flashy earrings. Her hair was caught back in a fine black net, a fashion that every other Juan Valdez employee was sporting. There wasn’t much about her that impressed me.

Until she made that coffee for us.

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Restaurants in Colombia: Harry Sasson

Quick Reviews are short peeks at restaurants in Colombia

One of the first Colombian chefs to become a celebrity, Harry Sasson headed up in the mid-1990s what has become a fine dining boom in Bogota. His restaurant, set in a National Heritage mansion with a Tudor look, is not far from Zona G, one of the most outstanding gastronomic scenes in the city. This is where heads of state, national and international artists, and famous musicians go for unforgettable meals. The menu includes Asian touches mixed in with Colombian ingredients, so you’ll find dishes done on a Japanese robata grill as well as salads with hearts of palm from Putumayo, the south of the country.

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What goes on at a Coffee Tasting in Bogota? Part 2

Thinking of doing a coffee tasting in Bogota? Here’s a guide to get the most out of it.

In the first part of this series we discussed what gadgets are necessary to cup or taste coffee, what the coffee evaluation involves, and what points to keep in mind when evaluating it. Now we’ll go into the details about the characteristics you should look for to evaluate the cup of coffee you have before you. You’ll want to have your pen and scoring sheet with you while you try the coffee.

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Bogota Wine & Food Festival 2016

What the festival is about

Since 2011, the Bogota Wine and Food Festival (BWFF) has been bringing attention to Colombia’s fascinating culinary scene. The festival gathers together chefs from around the world to cook, talk, eat, and most importantly, share their knowledge.

This time it’s all about Colombian ingredients. Sporting the question A Qué Sabe Colombia? (What does Colombia Taste Like), this year’s festival is all about what you’ll taste here in this country of biodiversity.

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Bread on a Bus: An Unlikely Bakery in Bogota

I can’t remember the last time I bought bread on a bus. I’m not talking about the vendors who offer food and candies on Bogota’s bus system. This is a different kind of bus. Yes, it’s fire engine red, just like the famous Transmilenio buses zipping through Bogota. But this one is double-decker, announces London stops, and has Lion King and Phantom of the Opera advertising on the back.

And it’s parked. Permanently. (Which is a good thing, since it probably has British plates).

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